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Unusual Scales To Try
Hungarian Minor Scale

The Hungarian Minor Scale has a unique and somewhat exotic sound that is characterized by its augmented second interval, which gives it a distinct and mysterious-like quality. The scale is formed by the following intervals:


Root, minor 2nd, augmented 2nd, perfect 4th, perfect 5th, minor 6th, major 7th


Here’s a brief description of its tonal characteristics:

  1. Exotic: The augmented 2nd interval (between the minor 2nd and augmented 2nd) creates a sense of tension in this scale. It’s often used to evoke a Middle Eastern musical sound.
  2. Eastern European Influence: The Hungarian Minor Scale is sometimes associated with Hungarian and Eastern European folk music.
  3. Eerie: The combination of the augmented 2nd and major 7th intervals can produce an eerie and dramatic atmosphere, making it suitable for creating tension and intrigue in your music.
  4. Uncommon in Western Music: This scale is less commonly used in Western music, so it can add a fresh element to your compositions or improvisations.

Experiment with playing it over different chords and listen how it interacts with various harmonic contexts to make the most of its unique qualities in your playing.
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